Thursday, 22 September 2011

London town

So I am back from my trip and just sorting through all my photos (I took about 4,000 altogether...). Here are some when I went a bit snap crazy staying at my best friend's new pad in London. She will be both horrified and delighted to be mentioned here on Cornflakes & Honey!

Han and her fiance live on the top floor of a very old beautiful townhouse in Hampstead Heath. I was struck by the simplicity and calming colours not to mention thoughtful styling. It made me want to rethink some of my more colourful buys and declutter! :-) 

The H and A above the fireplace I like think stands for our initials - she will read this and laugh! Adore the vintage marmalade jar.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Spring inspiration

Wow, what a break. Sorry again for the lengthy absence, life is just running away with me at the moment, so very very busy!

Not long ago I cut out some pretty pictures that caught my eye from some magazines. A fun old school way (as opposed to online sourcing) to catalogue. Hope you're all enjoying your weekends!