our little home

Just a few photos of bits and bobs around our little place. Pretty much everything in our home has been sourced from flea markets, charity shops, street sales or salvaged from neighbours' throw outs (yes really!) That lovely sofa you see cost us the same as buying the cheapest one going at Ikea! I also love mixing in treasures that I've discovered while traveling.

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  1. Loving this little peak into your home and your lovely eclectic style.

    That chair is heaven! As is the cutlery and hte little swan. Lovely finds!

    Thanks for sharing.

    xx Charlotta

  2. Oh my... Your sofa is drop dead gorgeous... I have no words. Megan

  3. Incredible sofa! A real treasure. And you've such a stylists eye, Anna :)

  4. Wow I love your sofa what a statement!! :)


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