Monday, 12 July 2010

Sophisticated beauty

{Images 1, 2}

I love these airy, light, beautifully designed rooms. Probably something to do with the stunning chandeliers hanging in them...but I also love the gold cushions and soft pink touches.

I got up super early this morning to watch the grand final in the World Cup and I couldn't be happier with the outcome, viva España!!! My Spanish girlfriends are so thrilled, they're partying it up in Madrid and Andalucia, wish I was there with them the vibe would be amazing right now! Did anyone else watch it or is that a stupid question?

We had to get up for a 4.30am here (in reality we got up at 3.30am so we could get to our friends house to watch it with them)! Breakfast consisted (at 5.00am) of chocolate muffins, cookies and lots of coffee to stay awake, lol!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. My Mum's present is gorgeous, will show you once I get time to take a photo! :-)



  1. beautiful image. swoon!

    sounds like you are having a fun + yummy weekend


  2. They're gorgeous images! Wow, that's committment to sport, getting up so early! I can't say I watched any of it but I did follow Paul the octopus!

  3. Beautiful images! That is dedication getting up at 3.30am :)

  4. Love the images especially the one with the pretty blossoms and that chandelier..that's how i dream my kitchen to look like.. over at my family house when the soccer started we dipped into a raffle to see who will win the soccer,i had Netherlands and my nephew who is 7mths old had Spain he won $ 30 little monkey but i didn't wake up for it i slept in i guess you are going to have a early night tonight:) xx.

  5. Those 2 images are beautiful! Love, love, love!! xo

  6. Hi, Cornflake dear! My weekend hasn't finished yet!!! It's Sunday means we are having pizza!!!!! Yupiii!!!

    LOVE the images.
    Have a sweet week, dear!
    XOXO. Bela.

  7. Definitely sophisticated and definitely gorgeous! I love the faint pink on white.

  8. Beautiful pics! I didn't watch the game but saw the end where they were getting the World Cup etc. I'm so proud of Sth Africa for pulling off such a great and massive event!

  9. These rooms are gorgeous! I am quite taken with that second one. I love the soft colors that grace the white backdrop. Love!
    And it sounds like you had a fun morning! It's doing stuff like that with friends that leave memories that last a lifetime :)

  10. Loving this room. Like you say, the light, transparency and energy in these rooms are fantastic!
    Love the twigs in no 2 as well!

    Sad to say I had all intention to get up for the final, but overslept.. Sounds like your breakfast treats made it all worth while.. That and your friends celebrating the victory! :)

    Happy new week!

    x Charlotta

  11. Gorgeous images. I love orchids! Also love that you woke up so early for a scrumptious breakfast with friends and the world cup! It started at 2.30p for us, so we've been lucky in that respect. But there was also a total solar eclipse today where we are, so we cut out a little early to see that.

  12. What lovely rooms! I am, of course, disappointed with the World Cup's match (being Dutch and all!) But hooray for Spain.

  13. These rooms are so pretty and girly - love it! You're right about the chandelier; it is beautiful!

  14. I watched the game too but luckily for me didn't have to get up early in the morning, great result though. Love the pictures of the rooms so fresh and airy.
    Ann x

  15. I found you through Little Blue Deer and your blog is amazing! As far as this post, the piece that is draped over the chair is just beautiful and beautifully staged!!

  16. Gorgeous images. Take away the pain of the loss of the Dutch team :)). Have a great week!

  17. Gorgeous images! Totally love them, they make me all dreamy. We watched the world cup final also, except where we are, it was on in the evening at 7.30pm...pretty reasonable, so no coffee needed! Great match! Have a lovely day! xxxx

  18. Such a stunning images,sweetie:) Those spaces look amazing and so romantic....Yuppie to Spain:)
    Kisses and see you soon!


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