Sunday, 13 March 2011

England vs Australia...


We had a spell in the countryside again this weekend. I have to say it is so nice escaping the city, particularly at the moment as Mr Cornflake and I are really busy with work and travel.

Big plans have been afoot in our household the last couple of weeks as we try and work out what our next move in life will be. We're wondering whether to move to the UK (back home for me) or stay in the world's second most expensive (but super beautiful) city, Sydney.

It is such a hard decision to make and so confusing. We are at the cusp of really 'setting up' and having baby soon so whatever we decide won't be with the short term in mind.

Oohh it is a tough one and looking at cute English cottages is both encouraging and so unrealistic! Hope you're having a lovely weekend. xx


  1. Yep it's huge Anna! Being away from family is really hard, but I am the 'pilgrim' of the family setting up my life here in my 20's. Just a matter of knowing where your heart really lies.

    Come up to Brisbane!

    (Receiving your posts in real time now YAAAAAY!!!!)
    Pam x

  2. I was initially torn when we made the move from NZ to Australia but we are so much better for it and have grown stronger as a family unit. Good luck in making your decision :)

  3. That is a big decision! We have English friends who live (on the Sunshine Coast) with a constant question mark over them. After a trial run back in the UK with their two young boys they returned to Australia thinking the beach life was it for them. Although I think their boys were so depressed during the English winter that THEY decided for the whole family! Georgie x

  4. Good luck with your decision!
    - I love the look of that cute English cottage too :)


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