Monday, 4 July 2011


The sun has got his hat on hip, hip, hip, hip hooray!

Okay, we’re in the deepest darkest depths of winter but that doesn’t always mean grey skies and unrelenting rain. Well, not in Australia. We’re very lucky that for the third weekend in row now we’ve been able to enjoy non stop sunshine! Today it’s positively mild when you step outside.

Above are some pretty vintage cards I picked up from Newspaper Taxi (great shop, highly recommend a visit) that made my Sunday, along with a couple of finds which I’ll share with you later this week!

Hope you have a lovely week ahead and some treats planned to keep you going through the harder parts (my secret weapon ;-)). x

p.s. Happy 4th of July to those celebrating!


  1. How lovely and sunny! It's yucky and grey here today. I've heard that newspaper taxi is good, lucky for for being able to visit. Yes, I was thinking I need to bake something nice to make me feel better about the cold!

  2. Hi !! long time no see!!...thanks for your comment on my blog !!.....i just go and look why i am not folowwing you any more??? so strange...i follow you again !...have a nice week! are you ??

  3. The sun is shining here too :)
    Lovely cards

  4. These cards are lovely and you're so right, we are having the loveliest winter days here in Oz aren't we! Nicolex

  5. Those cards are so pretty. I love great little finds. It seems so funny to me to think of Australia having Winter. How cold does it get there anyways? I've never been but just always picture it as being warm. xo

  6. Those cards are lovely.....My first visit I'll be back!

  7. Such pretty cards! I found your blog through Koralee and will follow you - come and visit me too?


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