Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Seashells, Seashells by the Sea Shore

I love organic products as I believe it helps pave the way towards a sustainable future, which will ultimately save us all an immeasurable fortune.

These lovely little seashells filled with organic lip balm have recently caught my eye and I think they would make gorgeous presents.

I have a friend in the UK who’s getting married in June and, having been inspired during her time here in Australia, has decided to have a beach theme. They would make great presents for her guests or bridesmaids.

They come in a variety of natural coloured shells and the balms are Australian made using the finest naturally derived ingredients consisting of 100% organic, natural and Australian oils, plant and fruit extracts, fruit butters and vitamin E and they smell divine.

These cute seashell lip balms are available from Organic Island

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  1. Oh I have seen these before. My sister bought some in Northern NSW somewhere....they are so lovely.


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