Sunday, 25 April 2010

Classics to Remember

{images: here and here}

Oh what to do when it's a rainy day and plans have changed? Seek inspiration of course!

These Liberty fabrics take me back to my childhood. My mother adored them and took me to the store every time we visited London. I was far too young to appreciate them and very anti-chintz, especially when threatened with the prospect of these fabrics being worn.

Funny how you grow up and your taste changes. I'd love to get my hands on some of these prints now, shame no one is sending any over to our local thrift shop!

I like the middle image of the shop being covered head to toe in the classic Betsy fabric last year.


  1. Hi Anna, thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway. Am glad you did as now I've discovered your lovely blog. These fabrics are all so pretty, I especially like the ones in the middle row. Hope you enjoy the long weekend x

  2. They are all lovely. I love the shop!

  3. Anna,

    They are really pretty, I would love some throw cushions covered in those fabrics and scattered on my bed or on the sofa, they have such pretty and delicate patterns. My favourite is the one to the right of the middle row :)

    All things nice...

  4. Beautiful prints. I would love to see that building in person, I am sure it is a sight to behold! xo

  5. Love the Liberty prints, honestly, I had heard of them before Target, but hadn't actually had the chance to see them in person (I know!). Now I'm totally in love!

  6. I love these fabrics! So vintage and feminine.

  7. Sooo pretty! It is hard to choose a favorite! I love that store front too. I wish I could go there...

  8. they're lovely, think the 1st is my favourite.
    you used to live in rutland? its lovely there x


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