Thursday, 15 April 2010

Look what I've got

Isn't it gorgeous? and the colours are so me! The wonderfully talented Tania from Chicken Ink Creative made this for me (I was eyeing her creations up last month) and I'm absolutely thrilled.

Tania makes the most beautiful notebooks and purses from her home in Melbourne and she loves making custom orders such as mine above (which is proving very popular).

It's so nice to know someone has put the time, care and effort into creating things that are unique and special for me.

If you ♥ handmade as much as me check out the Aussie version of Etsy, Made It!


  1. ooooh, I've not seen Made it before... just had a quick look and it looks fantastic!

    Love the purse it's very pretty.xx

  2. Oh how lovely...I adore the polka dots.

  3. Thanks for the little feature! Hope you enjoy your purse!

  4. wow made it looks great, i hadn't heard of it before.
    the purse is so pretty x


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