Monday, 14 June 2010

Cheap Chic - Part I

Here we are, at last, the first installment of Cheap Chic! I'm jumping around the book a bit selecting ideas that resonate with me and I think would be interesting to share.

This week none of these pretty interior design ideas cost a cent, unless you count the shelves (if you don't have some already) they are purely based on using what you already have!

1. I love this idea. Colour arranging books. I colour arrange my wardrobe which no one but me sees so why not colour arrange my favourite reads? This idea just requires a bit of organisation and patience.

Unless you're a complete book worm though I challenge anyone to be able to achieve quite the rainbow effect above but even different shades of red, brown, black, cream, orange can look just as nice!

In fact the penguin classics that have recently come out at an affordable $10 each would look great as they're all orange and cream with the same design.

2. Displaying existing mismatching china on your wall. Always a winner, saves you having to wallpaper, paint or fret about filling the space with more typical accessories such as mirrors and paintings. Also all those saved plates that didn't smash or vintage finds can now find a home. For me I just need a pretty display shelf and license to do it! :-)

3. Hanging bright, fun, colourful clothes on rails outside your wardrobe or even on the wall, window or door if you like! They're so pretty why hide them?

4. Matching effect with a practical storage solution, store your shoes, boots, slippers on shelves or racks to create a feature instead of shoving them into cupboards and under beds (yes I do this, tut tut).

I hope you found these ideas interesting. As I always say to friends, family (and anyone who'll listen) and truly believe, you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to accessorising your home not your wallet!!



  1. I loved loooooved these great ideas Anna! Actually i do hang my new blouses outside my wardrobe the first few weeks. Love looking at them. The first baby suits I bought for all my children did hang in the baby rooms until they would pop out to wearing them...
    Have a happy week, sweet Anna. Hope there will be a lot of sunshine in your lovely little corner of the world. xxx XXX xxx

  2. Great post Anna. Particularly love the colour coding of books what an inspiring idea.

  3. Great ideas Anna!!!
    I hope you had a nap today to catch up on your early morning soccor viewing!

  4. Thanks for the sneak peek - I think I might have to buy a copy for myself. Plenty of gorgeous ideas, and lots more dash than cash - sounds good to me! K xx

  5. Love the color coordinated clothing ~ if only they would stay that way! xo

  6. Hello! I had such a busy weekend that I am behind in my favorite blog reading. I just got caught up with yours (absolutely one of my favs)
    I love the Cheap Chic- Very Fun!

    Aaaahhh...The Beach. Those pictures make me yearn for the special beach that our family has gone to for years, but may soon be contaminated with oil. SO SAD!!!

    Thanks for playing Friday Pretties. I am putting up a new linky if your want to play again, come and join. :)
    Have a wonderful Monday!

  7. great ideas! I love the mix-match china display idea the best :)

    Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

    <3 Cara

  8. Oh I would love to have the space to hang beautiful clothes around, i think i will have to stick with the book idea until i get an apt upgrade hehe
    its so gloomy in nyc today i am craving the gorgeous sunny sydney weather i miss :)

  9. Hi Anna,

    Such great ideas! I really like them all, but only one of them (the books) I can really try out, because I haven't got the space to try out the others :-(.

    Enjoy your day!

    Lieve groet, Madeief

  10. I'm already doing number 1 and 3, and I really love number 2! I have so many mismatching china.

  11. Anna,

    Thanks for sharing these lovely ideas, I really like the colour sorted books,looks nice :) I haven't purchased anything from Pip Studio but it looks so fab! You def should buy something as it is meant to be much cheaper in Holland

    All things nice...

  12. Great inputs! =) Time to organize my books. That really looks good. =)


  13. I totally agree with you on #1...I have all my books on my bookshelf organized my colour and it brightens up my day!

  14. Yay, I'm so excited for these Cheap Chic installments of yours! All my books are stored away in my closet, but I would actually like to bring them out to try idea #1! I'm still on my mission to find plates, which I plan to hang on the wall, but I am liking the rack idea. #3 is my favorite! I definitely love displaying clothes, even though I have yet to actually try this. I think it's a beautiful idea! I really like #4 too, but I am afraid my shoes would not look as cute as the picture. I am loving how all these ideas wouldn't necessarily cost anything. Thank you so much for sharing!

  15. LOVE #3 .. i always think clothes should be on display! - totally love the look!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~


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