Thursday, 7 October 2010

My Balinese treasures

Today I thought I'd show you some of the treasures I bought when on holiday last year in Indonesia. Buying over there takes thrifting to a whole new level I can tell you! A beautiful silver pendantMy elephant coasters (but I don't use them as I'm too precious about them getting ruined,lol!)A beautiful traditional Balinese dancer's headpieceHanging ornaments made of tin (of which I have 12). I bought these so I could decorate our Christmas tree (a serious case of east meeting west!)

When I'm abroad though I always makes sure that I'm paying a fair price and buying from the right sources as you don't need to imagine, exploitation is rife. Even local market sellers will squeeze prices right down so that the families who are making these goodies are left with next to nothing to live on. It makes me so angry when these market sellers raise prices 10 times above what they paid the supplier. Same when you buy imported items over here (ikats in particular!! - they takes many months, some years to make) which have the most gross mark ups.

Funny to think how much you'll pay for something handmade in the western world yet for those living in developing countries they'll receive very little for all the intricate, painstakingly accurate, time consuming labour that goes into producing the most beautiful things.

It's a topic I feel very strongly about but at the same time I'm aware how very hard it is to really know if what we're buying is truly fair trade unless you buy direct from the supplier.

Hmm, okay that's enough of my little opinion today! :-)

I meant to say yesterday, thank you to all of you who played along for Thrifty Tuesday, I think I'll organise one next week too, if you're keen! Was great seeing all your fabulous finds! :)

Have a great day!


  1. Beautiful finds with a serious message attached.
    I too love shopping in Asia and it's tough to know 'the limit' when bartering.
    One of my favourite purchases from our trip to Bali last year was half a dozen large white umbul umbuls [long flags for bamboo holders] which we used for decorating our yard at Christmas and for lining our driveway for other special occasions.

    x Felicity

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  2. Gorgeous treasures, I love the elephants. I'd be too scared to use them too, they are so pretty :)

  3. you know what? I never bargain in Bali. I think it is wrong when the stuff is so cheap anyway. I love the Balinese silver things you have shown. I have the most beautiful Balinese silver bracelet I bought in Ubud 14 years ago!! It is still perfect, and so thin and delicate. Have a nice day. xo

  4. I love all the silver pieces you've bought they are stunning! Yes it's very sad to think of the exploitation that goes on around the world. I hate barganing in 3rd world countries, when you see poverty around ever corner saving a dollor or two on some trinket just seems wrong.
    Thanks for sharing and you'll have to show us your christmas tree in Dec with those gorgeous ornaments!

  5. those elephant coasters are amazing!!!

  6. Treasures, dear Anna, treasures!!
    XOXO!! Bela.

  7. Loving your little treasures! Can I say that I am dying over those little elephants? I need a few of those.

    xo M

  8. The tin pieces will look lovely on your tree! And I think the elephants are just adorable!!

  9. Hahaha, I do the same thing too... buy something absolutely adorable then end up just looking at it! The coasters could be propped up as a decoration anyway, it's so darling <3

  10. What gorgeous finds... I really love the ornaments for your tree, they looks so dainty and intricate, such a great idea to use them for Christmas!
    I agree about 'fair' trading, it is really hard to know for sure in other countries.

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  12. Especially love these wee elephants! Saw some similar lately and was really drawn to them. Happy to be your newest follower :)

  13. i want ur elephant coasters!!!!! sooooo cute!!

    PS PASS IT ON! --> GIVE-AWAY going on NOW! - 2 necklaces = 2 winners!

    *kiss kiss*
    Erika @ ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  14. ilove the silver hearts. Just got back from a long blogbreak, good to read your posts again.

  15. These are lovely finds! I'm loving the elephant coasters too and I will probably put them in a frame if ever I had any. Kellie xx

  16. Ohh what a stunning treasures...I love the elephants:)
    Kisses my dear

  17. Love the coasters and Xmas tree ornaments. I love having things from my travels around the house as it reminds me of the good times everytime I see them.
    Thanks for sharing


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