Sunday, 3 October 2010

Designer lampshades...

Fashion is not my area but when I saw a picture of a model dressed by UK fashion designer, Mary Katrantzou in the latest Grazia magazine at a friend's house I knew I just had to post about it. This is where fashion meets interiors!

I love this lampshade as a skirt idea - as beautiful art only though, I couldn't imagine trying to wear it!! Oh and this is one occasion where the no fabric on frame thing, which I like, is thankfully (you never know with designers) and appropriately not applied!

We have a long weekend this weekend and so far it has rained non stop!! Really hoping it picks up soon and we get our sun back!

Hope you're all enjoying yours!


  1. These are certainly intriguing outfits! I'm not sure whether to love them or hate them?? But isn't that the joy of modern art??

    :) Hazel

  2. From one Sydneysider to another I'm happy to have found your blog! Loving your posts on upcycling -- Bondi is great for side-of-the-road finds :)

  3. so interesting! i like them :)

  4. I like them too :D I wish I have the confidence to walk around with this lamp shade skirt! HAHAHA... and I'll sprinkle fairy dust along as well for love and cheer.

  5. Very interesting and yes, modern art is amazing! Loving your blog! xx


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