Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The wall obsession continues...

{Image 1, 2}

Clocks on the wall, I love it. Can you believe I don't even own a clock? Or a watch for that matter. The old blackberry is far too heavily relied upon.

These images really do make me wish I had one. A grandfather clock or cuckoo clock perhaps! Or maybe I should cheat and sketch one like in the second picture ;-)


  1. Hi Anna,
    I love clocks as well. They bring a beautiful awareness of how precious our time is. Love the post.

  2. That gold doily is very cool. I LOVE clocks, can't get enough of them! I designed a cuckoo clock print a few months back but just haven't decided what to do with it. :)

  3. If you read my blog from time to time you'll already know I love clocks with roman figures! Still haven't got a pretty one though, I just haven't got the time to go out and find one, so I'm glad to see some here, makes my day!

  4. Those first set of clocks are so interesting! I like them! So unique!


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