Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Bunking down


All I want to do this week is bunk down and make pretty little changes around our place as we settle into this wet and cold weather (yup, the joyous sunny weather we've been enjoying has now deserted us). I seem to be onto a bit of a theme at the moment which essentially has hibernation in mind!

Today is officially the first day of winter over here so it's time to pull out the electric blankets, start baking (comfort food), throw on those ugg boots and string up those fairy lights! :-)


  1. This pictures are so inspiring! curious about your changes!!! a big hug!

  2. Hi Anna,

    PJ's and hot chocolate is all I need to curl up and hibernate over winter...oh and my laptop!

    Pam x

  3. I have just baked a batch of biscuits and my ugg boots are currently warming my feet :) I spent last week pottering around our home making little decorating changes while it was pouring down outside - lots of fun! x

  4. Oh yum! I want to curl up in that first room with a good book and (although I do love hot choc Pam) a glass of red wine!!!! X

  5. There are many good things about winter. I love getting cosy in front of the fire, that's where I am now :)
    Ps beautiful pics!

  6. Beautiful pictures!

    I wish it was winter here too


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