Friday, 10 June 2011

An English country garden

I remember way back when I said I’d post some photos (when I got them – thanks Mum) of my parents garden in Spring/Summer. Here are a couple taken a month or so ago. They have the most amazing mix of rhododendrons, lilacs, blossoms and foxgloves (amongst others).

So beautiful! Am a weeny bit jealous too as we don’t really get gardens like this is Oz, except maybe in the Blue Mountains where the climate and soil is right for growing certain plants. In Leura they have the most stunning row of cherry blossoms planted through the village – so pretty.

It’s a long weekend over here this weekend and boy am I glad of it. I'm doing n.o.t.h.i.n.g, no plans, nadder :-). Have a good one my friends! x


  1. Such a stunning English garden Anna. Here's to a restful weekend.

    Pam x

  2. So pretty! So lovely that you've got that that to get inspired from!

  3. Really pretty!

  4. How glorious! I love English gardens! X


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