Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A vintage haven

Letting you in on a little secret of mine today, Haven Vintage. There’s nothing quite like exquisite styling to make you want to buy things, especially yummy vintage goodies. Love old things which have had a bit of wear and tear and love. I sound like a Granny when I say this but its true - they made things a lot better and a lot more attractive ‘back in the day’. Okay, at least I didn't say 'back in my day'!

Okay, hands up who’s feeling cold at the moment? I’m trying to keep warm but it’s proving harder than I thought. Mum sent me a link today to a great local website called Woolovers that sell good old British wool jumpers, will have to check it out!


  1. Gorgeous shop! Thanks for the link Anna. I know how cold is it!!!! I had to be up at the station this morning at 9.15 and it was FREEEEEEZING, had my boots, jacket, and even christened the leather gloves my sister brought back for me from Italy.
    I love the smell of big wool jumpers, reminds me of my Grandma and Grandpa... thick slightly itchy wool :) Jxx

  2. What gorgeous styling and so many lovely items. Thanks for sharing Anna x

  3. WOW! Love it!

  4. Beautiful. Vintage is always very charming.

  5. Wow what a lovely shop!! I love everything! I would love to decorate with vintage books! xo


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