Monday, 3 May 2010

A Beautiful Wall Feature

{Image 1}

I love this idea. It's so effective and yet can be done for relatively little cost.

Through all my thrifting I have now amassed quite a collection of vintage plates. Some are so delicate and special though that I don't want to use them on a daily basis, however that doesn't mean I want to hide them away either.

My solution? Seeing this picture gave me the idea of hanging them on the wall above my chest of drawers.

In fact this idea got me thinking how appropriate it would be for a bathroom as, unlike a painting or framed photo, the china is far less likely to be affected by all the steam and damp.

Hope everyone had a good weekend? Mine was a mix of chilled and social, wish it was still Sunday though, not quite ready for this Monday morning we're having!!!


  1. Such a pretty wall! I love the display of plates. I have a display above the entryway of my office. xo

  2. What a fun idea . Love your blog, I just became a follower.


  3. this makes for a great DIY project! thanks for sharing!


  4. I love this idea! I always look out for fun plates because I want to do this, but have yet to find some pretty ones.

    And I agree, Monday came way too fast!

  5. I put plates up everywhere. In the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or any room. I'm also putting them out in the garden. Whether outlining a garden or hanging on a wooden fence, I love to see dishes!

  6. I love grouped plates on the wall. It makes a great display. I am especially loving the bright pink. It's sooo cheery!
    I hope you're having a good Monday!


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