Sunday, 9 May 2010

Sunday love

{Image 1}

Wishing my Mum a wonderful Mother's Day. If I wasn't the other side of the world I'd be making her breakfast in bed (with heart shaped jam toast), giving her flowers and taking her out for afternoon tea :-)

Also, wishing my lovely blogging friends with little ones a very happy Mothering Sunday, I hope you're all having a very special day!



  1. Hope you have had a perfect weekend! x

  2. Heart shaped jam toast ? - I must drop some hints for next Mothers Day....sounds wonderful.

  3. Happy mother's day !!

    Hugs from Ria......xxxxx

  4. Sorry you couldn't be with your Mom on Mother's Day. Heart shaped toast w/ jam sounds lovely. xo

  5. This sounds like a lovely gift to a mom. I could only think of cards and flowers. But breakfast and tea sounds like a perfect finishing touch!

  6. What a beautiful photo and word picture. Have a wonderful Sunday!


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