Friday, 7 May 2010

Summer Salads

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How lush do these salads look? A perfect idea for Spring or Summer. Oh that I wish we were heading there and not winter!

I remember my Granny making her salads with flowers. She loved putting pansies and nasturtium petals into them and I have to say they looked absolutely divine just like these salads above.

I would really love to make one myself but where can you buy edible flowers...?


  1. They look way too pretty to eat!! I have a book somewhere that tells you what flowers are safe to eat - I'm sure you could find a heap of info on the internet :)

  2. Grow them in your garden, in hanging plants to protect them for slugs and other crawlers. I love floral salads, so very summery, even better is to put the flowers in cakes or brew them in teas.... Adore your blog, thanks for stopping by HB.

  3. I am not too big on salads (I wish I was!), but these are completely beautiful! Flowers like these just might inspire me more to eat them.
    I have seen edible flowers in grocery stores before.

    I have another award for you (Just love your blog so much)!

  4. Oh, gorgeous! I agree, the flowers make the salads look even more lovely! Your grandmother was ahead of the curve, for sure! I have seen edible flowers in the fresh veggie department of the grocery store.

  5. Lovey Pretty post !! i really like your blog ! i follow now !

    Hugs from Ria

    Come to see my blog your welcome !

  6. what lovely salads! sorry you're heading
    for winter. we're heading for summer. :)

    i love both seasons equally!

  7. Pretty Pretty Salads! The edible flowers are so Beautiful!
    Thanks for being a part of my "Friday Pretties"!

  8. Oh I have eaten my pansys before...they do make a pretty image...hugs to you for a wonderful weekend. xoxo

  9. Those salads look so pretty! First visit to your blog! Love it! You have a new follower!

  10. I grow them in my garden and pick just before cooking. Can't wait for summer to enjoy the season and such delicious salads. Here's wishing you a nice Saturday;-)

  11. I ate a flower for the first time while we were on vacation -- it seemed odd, but was such a pretty touch! You've got a sweet blog.

  12. These are much too pretty to eat!! :)


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