Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Thrifty Tuesday

Firstly, thank you so much for all your lovely comments yesterday. You're all so lovely! :-)

We had a beautiful evening and Mr Cornflake took me to an amazing Indian restaurant on the wharf at Woolloomooloo (yes I know how many o's!). They're actually doing a Masterchef evening there tonight and tomorrow for anyone interested (all meat though so not so good for us vegetarians!)?
Today my thrift is this cute little handmade brown vase ($1.50) and rose wrought iron candle stick holder ($5) of which I have two. So pretty. The beautiful hand you see is my other half's and from Vietnam and I think all three go very nicely together don't you think?

Next week I was thinking about opening Thrifty Tuesday up to all of you - so if you have some great thrifty finds let me know and I'll add a link to your blog and we can all play along together, what do you think? Let me know if you're game or not, I'll send reminders throughout the week. :-)

Have a lovely Tuesday everyone!


  1. Lovely finds! I'd love to take part in Thrifty Tuesday :)

  2. Gorgeous finds Anna. Thrifty Tuesday sounds like a great idea - I am in for it.

    Hope your day is fabulous!

  3. Those are such a fantastic finds...You always have an amazing selection:)
    Kisses my dear

  4. Your thrifty finds are my favorite!! I am loving the dark colors.

    xo M

  5. Love your new finds and your idea of Thrifty Tuesday ..sounds like fun x

  6. Dear Anna, pretty finds you always bring on Tuesdays!! I will be happy to take part in Thrifty Tuesday!!
    Kisses!! Bela.

  7. Such pretty things! And great idea for Thrifty Tuesday! If I can think of anything, I'll join in :)

  8. oh I love these...and happy anniversary for yesterday. xoxoxox

  9. Hi Anna....thrifty tuesday sounds fab...

    count me in!!

    xx andrea

  10. would love to play *thrifty tuesday* with you...

    sounds lovely-gorgeous bits you've picked up!

    melissa x

  11. Very cute! Can you believe I've never had Indian food? I know, huh, sometimes I think I live under a rock! Hope your week is going well. xo

  12. FAB thrift!!!!

    PS: i'm hosting my FIRST give-away - come on by and enter!!! - $45 worth of goodness!

    *kiss kiss*

    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  13. Hi anna, very cute finds!!! I would be happy to share; i have had a few great little thrifty finds lately too.
    Hugs to you, Laura c xxx


It's so wonderful to read all your comments, thanks for stopping by Cornflakes & Honey! x :-)