Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Friends reunited

Here she is my little gorgeous bundle of fur. It's so wonderful to see her again. She's actually just by my feet right now trying to steal my attention from writing this - but I have a sneaky suspicion all she want is some food!

There is a big nasty tabby cat that lives next door that she's scared of so she;s spending most of her summer time just sleeping indoors or spying outside trying to get a glimpse of the naughty big betty that causes her so much grief! Anyway it's a bonus she's spending so much time around us and not chasing mice and rabbits outside.


  1. What a cutie, and what great photos. It's hard to get good feline snaps when they're actually awake!

  2. OH cute little kitty! I hope you're enjoying your time back home Anna and special time with your cuddly pie, she is very cute.

  3. she is a cutie, and much safer indoors anyway, a win win for all :)

  4. She's so cute :)


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