Thursday, 18 August 2011

Summer time

I have to say not much can beat England in summer. It really is something else. I haven't been back home since I started Cornflakes and Honey so I'm a bit snap happy at the moment in the hope you can enjoy it as much as I am.

Here are some hay bales in the fields not far from us. I love cow parsley and have seen so much along the verges I just had to pick some to put in vases. I know I've picked dead ones but I really think they look great in a clear glass vase.

Will be back tomorrow with some amazing wild flowers I saw on a walk today, sad but true - I think I'm in love! :-)


  1. Looks beautiful! So happy you have good weather for your visit home!!

    xo Elizabeth

  2. What a pretty cat & the fields look gorgeous I used to call them shreaded wheat when I was a little girl :)x

  3. GOR-GE-OUS!! And the dead cow parsley? I think you're right, it fits perfect in a clear vase!
    Enjoy your time back home!!
    Bisous from Versailles,


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