Sunday, 21 August 2011

In the garden

We spent a bit of time in the garden yesterday. If you're a local reader from Australia isn't it so very green! I dug up beds in preparation for planting a lovely greeny white hydrangea and Dad chatted with the gardner about the rose bed and how to stop the sheep in the field behind from grazing on them!

I also found a bit of time to shell peas for a traditional English garden pea salad with greek yoghurt mint dressing, yum!

Happy to hear you're enjoying this little tour of England. I am still posting on Aussie time as that is the setting for the blog so some of you might be getting this a bit early date wise sorry for any confusion! Also, I'll be putting up loads more photos on flickr soon so watch this space.


  1. Your garden looks lovely and your pea salad is making me feel hungry...I'm off to make a sandwich...

  2. Its Sooo green, we haven't had much rain lately in north Queensland so its all brown at the moment love the hydrangea one of my favourite flowers :)

  3. That garden looks beautiful! What a yummy looking salad too! X


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