Sunday, 29 August 2010

Adding some sparkle

Unable to have a chandelier by default of renting and not having the right light fittings, I decided to add some glamour to my lamp today by adding some old chandelier crystals that I picked up at the markets.

I just threaded them with beading wire and then rather crudely hooked them on to a circle of cardboard (from a cereal packet!!) with a hole in the middle to go over the light fitting. Unless you look inside the lamp you can't see this of course ;-)

Just playing around with Picasa 3 (if you haven't already, download it from Google, it's free!) creating different effects adding colour to my ranunculus, thanks Sarah! I always forget what flowers I'm buying even though my florist tells me - I'm terrible with names!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!



  1. I too dream of having a chandelier one day, and like you am not currently in our own property. What a great idea Anna! I think your florist would find I'm with names than you. Have a super week.

  2. lamp looks great, very stylish ;)Isn't sparkle what we all need nowadays?

    Love when simple solution comes to mind and upgrade things around on the budget!!!

    Have a nice day...

  3. Creative and it looks great! xo

  4. Oh... great dress up!!! I love the shade, too... where'd you find it?

  5. Well done! Happy Sunday. xx

  6. Love the lamp Anna. I adore the sparkly bits and I think it does add a touch of glamour! I may have to try and attempt it myself. xx

  7. This is a lovely, creative idea! Thank you so much for sharing! I will be renting soon, so any sparkle like this will be just great.


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