Monday, 9 August 2010

Oh pip!

I thought I’d bring some colour to Monday and reveal my love of Pip Studio based in the Netherlands. A girlfriend of mine is heading to Amsterdam today to see her boyfriend for a month and has promised me some goodies from here which I’m all too excited about! :-)

If you’re not familiar with Pip Studio, It’s a little bit like Cath Kidston on steroids! Here are some of my favourite designs above. They have the most awesome wallpaper too.

Completely thrilled to have won Pam from Bayside Moments' giveaway last week. I never win anything, lol, so I'm delighted to be receiving such a wonderful gift of her handmade natural soaps! :-) If you haven't already, go check out her blog it's filled with gorgeous goodies including great thrift finds!

Have a wonderful start to your week everyone!


p.s. Mr Cornflake (as Janette from My Sweet Prints referred to him yesterday – love it!) did a stella job on his charity run yesterday, so proud. He got in under an hour!


  1. Loving all these bright and colorful patterns! Can't wait to see what goodies you get from there :) I hope you had a wonderful weekend! xo

  2. Hi Anna..OOHH!! so glad you have awoken my senses to THIS store...

    I love anything Cath Kidston (did a blog a few years ago visiting her store in Japan with my son who was studying at uni over there)..
    ps..he was in Japan again last may & sent me back a stash of her goodies...(funny thing all the japanese girls KNOW him as he has bought soo much for me)..

    Anyway...I shall be checking out this site...looks FABULOUS.... your paint job on the previous blog..

    xx andrea

  3. Very cath kidson hey! Love it! Glad Mr Cornflake finished in such a great time, he deserves a pat on the back! Have a great evening hun.Jxx

  4. Cath Kidston on steroids!! :) :) Love it! Fabulous website - thanks for sharing it.

  5. O yes !! i really like Pip !!! it looks like Cath Kidston....

    We in Netherland make great things.....hahahahhh!! happu week love Ria....

  6. You go Mr Cornflake! I came across Pip somewhere recently and spent quite some time on her site..very beautiful. Can't wait to see what your friend brings back for you..Rachaelxx

  7. I adore the patterns...and I cant wait to see what you will get:)

    Kisses and hugs,sweetie and have a great Monday

  8. I love PIP! Such wonderful colors <3


  9. Anna,

    Great mines think alike, I love Pip studio found it online, I wrote about it some time back.

    All things nice...

  10. Oh PIP, we do do do love YOU !! Have a PIP-y new week, sweet Anna. xx

  11. I really love the soft pink one! Thanks for sharing with us, I had never heard about it! A wonderful start to your week also! xoxo

  12. I LURVE the Pip bed linens! Looking forward to seeing your friend's Amsterdam shopping - do hope you'll share.

  13. Aaaaah! I just started blogging but one of my first post was all about pipstudio. Haven't got anything from it yet though. You are so lucky to get some!!!! Hope to see some of it on your blog???

  14. I love the pink with the flowers. Very nice.



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