Monday, 29 November 2010

A corner of my home

Here is a corner of my home full of lovely things I have found at flea markets and op shops (in fact, I don't think I really need to keep saying this to you all as you know exactly where I buy everything - almost!).

I'm spreading out these little red flowers amongst vases to create more of a festive vibe around our home. Oh and more of my frames are finding a home on the wall in this corner. The rectangular Italian brass frame is a slightly smaller version of one I bought a few months ago (and is hanging from another wall) which helps tie in the look. Nine months ago I would never have thought to do this so big cheers for the inspirational world blogging!

No doubt I'll be changing this little corner around again in a few weeks (as I do).

Happy Monday! xx


  1. Like your style and great photos! Pam x

  2. Beautiful! You find the most amazing things Anna! Have a lovely week :)


  3. I love the little pretty nooks in your feminine and fresh :)x

  4. I changed some of my corners yours. xoxoxo hugs for a great week.xoxo

  5. Love the vintage frames hung together like you did in this corner! Beautiful! Take care, Caroline


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