Monday, 29 November 2010

Swallow me

Enchanting wallpapers by Frankie magazine.

I'm obsessed with these ceramic swallows in the first picture (which I use as my wallpaper) and everytime I turn on my laptop, I have the same thought: 'where do you get these from? I have a wooden one but (here's the shopaholic within) these are so pretty'.

Any ideas?


  1. Try something like 'flying ducks' on ebay. It could be a start. I have two Vintage Blue Swallows very similar to these that I want to hang in my reno ensuite.

  2. LOVE that wallpaper! I love swallows. Here is a website that sells some cute turquoise ceramic swallows. You just have to scroll down til you see them. They are under the category "decorative ceramic". There is a set of three.


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