Monday, 22 November 2010

Sunshine, Books and Tea

This pretty much sums up my weekend, sunshine, books and tea (or high tea)!

The last couple of days have been wonderfully sunny so Mr Cornflake and I have been fitting in some much needed walks. I got this shot of this amazing red tree coming back from our friends' house - it looks like it's on fire!

I've also been flicking through our travel books which sit on the bottom shelf of our big bookcase...dreaming of travelling again! Wouldn't it be nice just to give up the day job without a care in the world? :)

Off for a cup of English Breakfast tea to see me through the afternoon - clearly cannot get enough of the stuff! ;-)


  1. What a glamorous teapot, very swish! I just bought a zero tepot and it's great, just nt to fancy as yours :)
    Travel....yes, anywhere would be nice!

  2. Escaping from this every day life??? Who wouldn't want that? With the stack of travelling books I see there, under the beautifullest of beautiful teapots, I see you'll have enough inspiration!
    Aaaaaaah, lovely blue sky!!! Wish I was there!!! Only grey skies here and CCOOLLDD!!! Brrrr!!!
    Bye, have a sunfilled, inspiring day!

  3. Oh yes, to sneak away, if only for a few days would be G*L*O*R*I*O*U*S....our lives a bit to busy now. In the Spring and Summer my dear one and I get away a fair amount, but only for short little jaunts. By the look of your beautiful book collection, you must travel frequently...YES?
    Enjoy the day...and DREAMING...Rosie

  4. Such a lovely collection of books my friend....I would just like to fly away as well.

    English Breakfast tea is one of my favourites too...lately I have been such a tea granny.

    Hugs for a great week.xoxoxo

  5. Sounds like a perfect weekend! I love English Breakfast :)

  6. Ideal weekend. I wonder where you will travel to next?

  7. I agree with the traveling - have been reading Eat Pray Love which doesn't help! Michelle

  8. What a beautiful teapot! I'm a big drinker of English breakfast tea too :)

  9. What a lovely blog this is! i begame a follower!


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