Friday, 26 November 2010

A touch of Christmas

Mr Cornflake bought me these beautiful scarlet flowers the other week. They have lasted for ages. I have a small bunch in a glass vase on my dresser too and they have turned the water red! As usual I'm terrible with names of flowers that aren't obvious to me like roses and lillies so I'm afraid I can't tell you what they are called but they seem to be in season in Australia and they are definitely adding a touch of Christmas about the place.

I've also started to hang my beaded hearts around some of my frames - not the typical Christmas decoration but I like things that are a bit different. I think when it comes to decorating at Christmas these days there are no rules and it's the time of year where you see so much creativity which is just so greatly inspiring.

This year I'm hoping to have a go at making my own wreath as we don't really have space for a Christmas tree...we'll see if it happens though! :-)

p.s. that chair on the left (which I love) I picked up for $20 on ebay. Sitting pretty next to the one on the right I picked up on the streets and painted. Who needs stores hey!

Wishing you a super duper weekend! xx


  1. I love that frame,Anna!! The flowers are also pretty!! Lots of cheer!! Bela.

  2. Why not!? Perfect for christmas! No space here either for a big christmas tree, thought I'd buy a small one but I don't know now, maybe no tree at all, something a bit different maybe, we'll see! Still got time.

  3. Theres always room for a tree sweety ; ) even a small one on your dining table perhaps?
    Im going to try my hand at making my own wreath too...hope it doesnt bring me more grief than
    Love that chair of yours too..gorgeous! Have a wonderful weekend lovely x

  4. Love the chairs. The flowers add some gorgeous festive color. Lovely images as always.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Rebecca x

  5. Hi Anna,

    Beautiful chair and flowers!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  6. hey anna ~ i have to ask where you got your frame... i've been looking for one similar for awhile, and haven't found anything!

    it's gorgeous, and i'm sure your going to say a thrift store... which will make me sad. haha :)


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