Monday, 24 January 2011

Confessions of a creative mind

Now, I have a naughty confession to make. Last year (October to be precise) I purchased a sewing machine. Yes, I did. My first one ever. Do you know how many times I've used it (excluding a friend coming over to show me) since it entered our home?

That's right. Nil. Zero. Naught. Zippo.

It's nicely gathering dust by the side of my bed. May be Pip Lincolne's (from Meet Me At Mikes fame) Sew La Tea Do book can help get me out of myself and actually use it to create something wonderful. Here's hoping! Here are some extracts above that didn't make it into the book (which makes you wonder then what did!)

Any tips for getting started/motivated (beyond buying the book) are welcome!

On an entirely separate and unrelated note, stay tuned as I have some very exciting news to share with you tomorrow! :-)


  1. Ooooo.... what's the news, I can't handle suprises Anna!
    Don't be afraid of the sewing machine Anna! Get a scrap of material and just play around with it then once you get bored of that (and you've got the whole threading it correctly down pat) then why not try the draw string bag from a tea towel I posted last week SIMPLE SIMPLE!

    I can't wait till my Sew La tea do copy arrives either! woo hoo!

  2. Sewing can be daunting for sure! I have an old sewing machine that I basically use for hemming pants.... but sometimes I get creative and alter old clothes from my wardrobe that I don't wear anymore... sometimes it works out nicely : )

  3. I got a sewing machine last September, it has only been used for Envelope cushion covers- they are by far the easiest things you will ever make, a few tutorials out there give it a go ;).

  4. Gosh I would be lost without my trusty just gotta start on something simple and you will be away.

  5. I've been keen to get a sewing machine so I can teach myself some simple techniques... just give it a go. You've got ppl watching and waiting! :-P

  6. I've been wanting to get a sewing machine, but I'm afraid that the same thing would happen to me and it would not be used. I hope you find some fun projects soon that you'll enjoy using your machine with!

  7. I´m not very good when it come to sewing, so I´m not sure what tip to give that´ll get you started. A look in a hobby catalogue like might just work. They often have a lot of tips and inspiration on sewing. Good luck and happy new week!

  8. I find buying pretty fabric is a good start :) Although it may just sit in a pile for another few months, but it's nice to look at!

    I made a few potholders when I started, from Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing book. Easy and quick.

  9. There are so many blog tutorials for beginners out there Anna. Teribly easy with a step by step process...or your local patchwork shop sometimes has sewing classes. My suggestion would be to work out what you want to make first - let's face it has to be worthwhile for you and then go for it. And there are way too many yummy fabrics to choose from. Good luck! Pam x


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