Monday, 31 January 2011

Sitting pretty

Here are the roses I bought yesterday morning looking pretty in two of my vases on our coffee table (which by the by I don't think I've mentioned before - I found thrown out by a neighbour last year - love these neighbours that do this!- acquired it therefore for free and painted it white). What makes me smile most looking at these photos is that everything in them (aside from the table) was bought for about a fifth of the original price. I don't think I'll ever stop buying second hand, it just wouldn't make sense!

I hope you all had a good weekend? Kicking mine off with iyengar yoga was the best thing - I got some really good stretches in and in the process (sadly) discovered muscles I never knew I had! We caught up with several groups of friends, showed our age in Darling Harbour on Saturday night by not really getting into the vibe of the thriving local bars (so many teens!) and wanting somewhere where 'we could hear each other talk' lol! And the beach called yesterday and I got a little sunburnt, oops!

Happy Monday! I'm staring down the barrel of a very busy week :-/


  1. So pretty. I get to have fresh roses in the house now that we have moved into a house with rose bushes in the garden. It's wonderful! I love those little vases you scored too.
    Enjoy your busy week.

  2. I can always count on your posts to lift my day. I just love this picture and those pretty vases.

  3. Sitting pretty alright Anna. Lovely shots!
    Pam x

  4. Gorgeous pics indeed...I too will never stop buying second-hand :)

  5. The roses are beautiful, love the colours..
    I am really admiring your gorgeous sofa in the background, absolutely stunning! I am a big fan of the recycle/re-love idea too, so nice work with the table!
    Flick x

  6. How lovely...makes me think of summer. So cold here today...just can't wait until we have roses!
    Will be back soon to read more of your blog.
    Margaret and Noreen

  7. So glad to have found you! PS I love your couch!! And what sweet neighbors you have :)

  8. So sweet! I love the coach and the little pretties on the table. Lovely! I'm new to your blog, this is my first visit. So happy to have *met* you today!

    <3 Ashley
    ashley dot hasty at gmail dot com


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