Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Strength in love

No doubt many of you will have heard by now that Australia is facing a national crisis. Many have or are being affected by unrelenting floods in south east Queensland and northern New South Wales. Now Brisbane is under seige from rising waters. People's lives have been lost, young and old and many are missing. It is just so sad.

Mr Cornflake's mum (who lives in the countryside just north of Brisbane) sent us a photo last night of her garden and the river that runs at the back has swollen massively. We're just hoping and praying it doesn't rise up onto the garden and seep into her home.

My heart goes out to everyone affected by this natural disaster and I pray the rain stops sooner than expected and there is no further loss of life.

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  1. My prayers go for your dear Australia, sweet Anna!! May the rain stops!
    Much love for you all, from Brasil! Bela

  2. Yes it is simply catastrophic and I barely slept last night after having been on the phone with friends who were chased by the floods with only one hour's clearance.
    They were on holidays in Qld when the floods hit and were literally driving for their lives (3 kids in the car..) back to Sydney. They made it through the disaster zones just as they were closing the roads and at times they had to cross gushing water up to a meter high. It was surreal and so scary, but now they are safe.

    I am watching the news every hour to see how things unfold, and it is just getting worse and worse. My heart is crying for the people who have lost so much and are forced to face more pain and grief as the water continues to raise.

    Lots of love to you and prayers for your mother in law.
    xx Charlotta

  3. O my my thoughts and prayers are also for your country and specially for mr cornflakes mom !! is terrible what happens by you !! love love Ria.....xxxx...


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