Sunday, 23 January 2011

Two weekend favourites...unrealised

Well this weekend I was hoping to get to the markets again (this photo is from last Saturday aren't the chandeliers to drool for) and the florist (I'm really keen for some hydrangeas...), but it was not meant to be. We just chilled out completely (minus stepping out for a few early morning walks and breakfasts and a friend's birthday dinner last night) - it's been so hot it's left little else to do but totally chill!

I'm loving the sunny weather at the moment but the heat can be a little inhibiting at times. Is anyone else feeling the same or is my lazy streak coming out?

Anyway, it's a quiet night in now with a movie and Mr Cornflake (just returned from a surf) for company. I have a potato and zucchini fritatta baking in the oven (yes another frittata ha!) at the moment that needs some attention so better go...Hope you're all enjoying your Sunday evening/morning and having pleasant time.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend. And yes the heat makes me lazy too, actually I've had a migraine today which totally sucks, it's only just become a normal heading the last hour or so :(
    Thanks for your comment this evening, yes the bowl is Turkish, good spotting!

  2. Hydrangeas...I love them!!

    It's muggy and too hot here in WA, hard to get motivated to step out when it's this hot.

  3. We're the opposite here,l ack of sunshine and very cold and foggy :( Please send a small bit of heat over to us in Ireland. The market looks amazing. Hope you enjoyed the weekend and the movie too

    All things nice...

  4. Are you trying to rub it in about the heat. We are the same as All Things Nice, in that it is damp and chilly, if you are sending some heat her way can we have a little bit please! Have a good weekend x

  5. Trust me, there's nothing much better than looking up at a chandelier with a bunch of hydrangeas beside you ... you're my kinda girl Darling. Have a sensational week. xo.

  6. I don't blame you for wanting to chill out while it's hot. The heat always zaps my energy.

    Now, about that frittata, would you mind giving us the recipe? It sounds yum!

  7. Yes, the heat has been dreadful up here too. The humidity is what gets me!

  8. Hi Anna, sounds like a great Sunday. I have just passed an award on to you. Stop by and collect it when you have time. Michelle

  9. i hope u bought that light!!!!! - LOVE IT!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~


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