Monday, 28 February 2011

Back to the country

Kicking off Monday with a spring in my step this week. We just had the most gloriously relaxing weekend tucked up in a B&B in the countryside. Escaping the city never felt so good! Lots of walks, photo taking, eating out, antique shop and gallery gazing (heyhey - that was me). I hope you all had a good one too. xx


  1. How wonderful...beautiful photos, and all that sunshine. I'm really fed up with greay skies!

  2. I love country escapes. Where is this? x

  3. sounds like the perfect weekend. i miss those flowers! i never seem to see them here in the UK plus the gum trees too. i am so jealous of you in Australia. I am misssing it! xx

  4. I would loved to have escaped to the country :)
    Gorgeous pics!!

  5. This little place looks just so cute and picturesque!! Would have been hard not to enjoy a weekend there i think!!
    Laura xx

  6. What a cute looking place! Sounds like an amazing weekend!


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