Wednesday, 9 February 2011

My chilli plant and neighbour love

Our chilli plant is struggling a bit today - it's suffering from little spider mites. We've put some cinnamon on it (an organic prefered way to treat it) which is helping a bit but I still think it needs a little tlc. Any ideas? We've used this little plant for about 5 spicy meals so far and are hoping we can use it for many more!

On a separate note, do you like this chair? It's so retro. Yet another neighbour throw out (and in good condition) can you believe! Haha I'm such a scavenger but there always seems to be great stuff left strewn around in a heap ready for the council to collect! Now I have all these mismatching chairs around our old scratched (another neighbour throw out from a couple of years ago) round table. Ah gotta love those neighbours. :-)

When I was little we lived in a teeny tiny village in the heart of the English countryside and this sort of thing never happened (maybe in the 80s people made do a bit more) unless someone purposefully came your way and offered you something they were throwing out and sadly you could always see why...(no meaness intended). I guess that's the difference, city living (with lots of people moving/changing their mind over furniture) and being in an apartment.

Anyway, so glad this week is a little quieter for me. No travel means I have a bit more time to do things like gift wrapping for nephews, write to newly engaged cousins and watch Packed to the Rafters - which is back on our screens, hurrah! :)

Hope you're having a good morning. xx


  1. I do so love that chair and it ties in nicely with the colour of your chilli plant :)

  2. I ♥ the would go perfect in my home :)

  3. Ah yes, I love a good 'council clean up' find. In fact I think everyone does and we too have the odd 'saved piece' from the street mixed in with new or antique purchases.

    The poor chillie plant.. Not sure what to suggest. Perhaps ask your nearest nursery? I am terrible with potted plants and herbs.. Couldn't even save my Basil.. Help!

    xx Charlotta

  4. That's a really cool chair! I'm yet to find anything great on the street, maybe it's just the suburb we live in?
    Hmm, don't know about the chilli - I hope he survives!
    ps thanks for your comments about my vegie patch :)

  5. looks in better condition than any plant I've ever attempted to care for, even with the mites :)

    Love the salvaged chairs, I too have found some of my best furniture, left out on the street.

  6. =^.^=
    Enjoy a happy Thursday, Anna. My wednesday is coming to an end..

  7. No one throws anything out around me darn lol love the chair.Hope the plant feels better soon I love plants they dont like me at all but I do have 2 still alive at home inside so far (hope I didnt just jinx it)
    Hurrah for packed to the Rafters LOVE that show too.

  8. Love your should see some of the freebees I have around my is hard to believe people would toss them out...but thank goodness for us they did. Happy Thursday. xoxo


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