Friday, 1 April 2011

Black & Spiro

Hello, I'm back! So great to have a mini break. Not only did we visit Brisbane we went to the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast too so got some beach walking in although the weather wasn't that great - lots of rain sadly.

Here are some shots of Black & Spiro that I was lucky enough to visit while in Brisbane. Such a gorgeous shop and even Mr Cornflake was taken in and quite enamoured with interior designer, Anna Spiro's beautiful eye for things. Fell in love with the Moroccan lanterns, paintings by Nadine Sawyer and beautiful fabrics and furnishings from India and Thailand. Like Anna, I have the blue and white obsession! When we eventually get our own place, I'm sure (I hope) there will be a feature piece from Black and Spiro :-)

I also got to visit Simone's shop, Just Plain Gorgeous but I forgot my camera (!?!) so don't have any photos for you. I bought this really sweet vintage table cloth and guess what? I left it in the back of Mr Cornflake's family's car we borrowed, doh! Will be up again soon to collect and snap - blogging is a bit like show and tell isn't it.

Have a lovely day and weekend! p.s. happy April's Fools Day x


  1. Sounds like a fabulous trip!!

    Black & Spiro looks amazing! How wonderful that you got to see it in person!!!

  2. Just figured out I had to do the 're-follow' thingy. Anyway, so happy you enjoyed your trip to Brisbane. We love Anna up here. Simone's shop is local to me and of coarse I pop in regularly to see her goodies. Hope you have a great weekend. Michelle

  3. Anna does the most amazing things with colour doesn't she? Sounds like a very inspirational trip to me!
    Pam x

  4. Hello welcome back! I love black and spiro. Such great use of bold strong colour!

  5. Did I miss you??? Sorry honey, wish we could have had a chat. Thanks for dropping by my shop. xx

  6. So sorry I missed you when you came into B&S! Thank you for posting about the store on your beautiful blog!!


  7. Wow! What a beautiful store. I would love to peruse through this shop. Thanks for the tour.

    Rambles with Reese


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