Friday, 15 April 2011

Having kittens

One of my favourite bloggers of all time has recently welcomed two new additions to her home and every time she posts a photo of them my whole being goes into a crazy frenzy mode of ‘oh my goodness, have to have, want, right now, so cute, oh my goodness, oh my goodness..’ and so it goes on. Here is a photo of Jeska's babies above (for more visit Jeska's beautiful website Lobster & Swan).

It’s quite funny and very telling. Mr Cornflake keeps teasing me, reiterating something I said ages ago,…’I just want a little one’ Unbelievably (I really don’t know how the powers that be could have let this happen) I have found someone who is allergic to cats!

Our solution however (beyond me threatening a special injection to cure this) is to get a little puppy this year. It will appease my rising maternal feelings and give us a bit of practise. Oh the responsibility! :-)


  1. What cute kittens - they're so stripey! Getting a pup will be so exciting!! Do you know what sort you might like?

  2. So many post at one day ...what is the matter with your blog darling???...oh i love these kittens !!! happy love

  3. Ah sweet little kittens...I can't wait to have a pup...not too long hopefully, especially now that Noreen has had a gorgeous black labrador.

  4. Oh totally cute, i grew up with 4 cats but yep, married a sneezer & our children don't want a cat either, not even a cute little kitten!!?? We're on our 2nd German Shepherd in 14 years, gorgeous, love a proper dog & highly recommend a dog as a trial run for parenting. Amazing how it irons out how to discipline, nurture & share the work. Love Posie

  5. Yes...Yes a puppy is just what you need! These are the sweetest kittens ever! Have a great week.

  6. So cute, Anna and amazing there are so many allergy ridden hubbys/partners out there, mine included. Lily has been talking about cats and wearing her cat mask constantly...but looks like we will be a dog family one day :)

  7. Oh so so cute!
    Have a sweet sweet Sunday, sweet Anna. Well that's a Sunday evening for you ;o)

  8. Sooooo cute! I want a kitten so badly : )

    Have a fabulous weekend!


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