Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Easter prep

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I'm getting quite excited about the imminent arrival (okay it's still 3 weeks away...) of Easter and thinking about how I'm going to decorate our table.

Lovely napkins tied with ribbons, egg cups with little sprigs of flowers in and mini speckled eggs dotted around the place is how I'm envisaging it looking. I might even have a go at making some bunting this year! Is anyone else planning their decorating for Easter yet?


  1. That all sounds great, Anna... we are sort of in decorating mode but most of it is for our eldest daughter's sixth birthday... we are incorporating a little bit of Easter fun with the celebrations! Georgie x

  2. I also love planning all kinds of decorations :) What you have come up with sounds great!
    xoxo Marie

  3. Easter is not on my radar yet but I am sure the kids will soon be counting down :)

  4. Your Easter plans sound lovely! I can't wait to see pictures! :)


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