Thursday, 14 April 2011

Bottle it


While I have a great number of vases I still find simple unique collections of bottles, be they old or new, really charming for display flowers.

Just lately I have collected a few. Some I found at a bric a brac shop that were old nectar bottles (very small and rather milk bottle like), some I have just cleaned and de-labelled from our cupboards that were former balsamic vinegar or olive oil bottles and I have 3 turquoise ones that were a dollar each from an op shop - they look so pretty with pale pink roses in!

Some of the antique/vintage shops here in Sydney will charge an absolute premium for the washed up beachy vintage bottles that are so coverted. Tips I have picked up apart from shopping around at markets, car boot sales etc. include looking out next time you're grocery shopping for yummy condiments that come in charming bottles and (typically European) liquor or olive oil bottles. If you really want the old look then you can age them with a metal scourer and soap to create a residue (sounds lovely doesn't it!).

Love these images above - all great ideas for styling my Easter table. :-)


  1. I'm loving these photos! I put my roses in bottles on my window sill. You've just inspired me to keep my eye out for more.
    Happy days xx

  2. I too adore bottles of all varieties for displays and likewise buy condiments etc purely for the look of it's vessel than what's inside it :)

    Beautiful images!

  3. Beautiful pics! I love old bottles too. Clustered on the dining table, on the mantlepiece, on the piano, hanging from the verandah...

  4. Wow! I love the variety here, Anna and am a bit of a sucker for a blue glass bottle x

  5. These are lovely! The bottles are pretty! Have a delightful day, Kellie xx

  6. It is such a pretty look. You don't need big fancy flowers either as almost anything looks lovely in an old bottle :)

  7. This is my favourite look for flowers just now - exactly what I want for my wedding next summer. Better start collecting.

  8. wow! Flowers decorations is its cool!!

  9. I love the idea of using old bottles as vases! Great look and and such a good idea for an Easter table!
    I hope you have been well :)
    Do you have a Twitter by any chance?


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