Monday, 2 May 2011

Hello Autumn

From sunny Stradbroke island to the much cooler Blue Mountains which is where we spent this weekend. It's so nice having these little adventures away from the hum drum of everyday living, commuting and work.

While we were there I was able to really take in how much Autumn is well and truely upon us now. The trees looked amazing, on fire, with their red, orange and vivid brown leaves. These colours remind me of my vintage (faux I must add - good imitation huh?) earrings from Sports Girl which I bought a few weeks ago.

Did you enjoy the Royal Wedding on Friday? I was beside myself with excitement (I think I had my mouth open during the entire procession and ceremony) and have now bought all the magazine's covering the grand event! :-)


  1. How lovely to be both at stradbroke island and the blue mountains!! Fantastic places

  2. LOVED the royal wedding! I am so glad I was able to watch all of it! It is something I definitely will remember forever

  3. Love your earrings! And I love autumn time, so these pictures are so pretty!
    I LOVED watching the Royal Wedding! It was amazing!!

  4. I kind of love experiencing autumn through your blog while we're in full blown springtime on my side of the world.... it's incredible really!

  5. I must have been the only person to not tune into the Royal Wedding.

    I love the cooler weather and burst of colour seen in the change of leaves.


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