Sunday, 15 May 2011

One fine day

Well, it's actually been more than one fine day, wow what a weekend! Such wonderful weather and we are truly lucky as I know it's not been like this across the whole of the country (continent - easy to forget sometimes!).

So our decision has been made and not without heartbreak. We are going to stay in Australia for the time being because of the work and opportunities. Looking at these photos I took today you wouldn't think it should be a hard decision to make but I do really miss my family, friends and all the good old English things!

Nothing is permanent however and I fully intend to make the most of wherever we live and whatever we do and there will be lots of travel and visits inbetween :-)


  1. Hallo, funny that I've just read this post, I'm sitting here listening to The Doves and just feeling really nostalgic for old blighty even though I've lived here a very very long time almost 20 years!! and yet I still miss the england I grew up country lanes, the fragrance of spring, the quaint corner sweet shop, snowdrops, white christmases, the silence of gently falling snow never ceases to amaze me, pear drops tasting of paper bag. But I'm glad you are staying here, Oz is an amazing place.

  2. What lovely photos of a stunning weekend. It wasn't quite that lively in Tassie. Aus is a great great country but it must be difficult Shen your family is so far away. :)

  3. What a big decision, and one that tears you in two directions! I know it well from personal experience and dear friends. My husband is English and we lived over there for a few years and loved it. We wanted to stay, but living is so expensive and property was hard to buy at that time.... so we opted to come back here. There are so many opportunities and amazing weather here.... It is just so hard when loved ones are so far away and it costs so much to travel! But it can be done, and the pleasure is all the greater! Least communication is good too now. Congrats on your decision, you will be very happy here I am sure!
    Ps I love your images! X

  4. Here's to hoping that this decision brings happiness and light to you! Beautiful photos, I want to dive into that blue...


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